Small Business Saturday - Can we make it everyday?

Hey there friend!
Just a quick note to remind you to SHOP SMALL today (and everyday, as much as you can!). The small businesses in your community rely on your patronage to stay open, and there are LOTS of stories in the small business communities I'm a part of that are struggling to survive. 
Remember, every time you choose to support a small business (especially a local one!), you're:
  • keeping more of your $$$ in your community
  • supporting the livelihoods of people who live and work among you
  • contribute to the vibrance and unique character of your locality
  • introduce you to new and unique products not found at larger retailers, many of which are also made by small businesses
There's a lot of attention paid to supporting local on Small Business Saturday, and that's a good thing, of course. But these businesses rely on you making SLIGHTLY less convenient decisions sometimes to sustain them throughout the year. That might mean paying a few dollars more for the same item found at a big box store (because the little guys can't pay for such huge orders to get their margins down), paying for shipping instead of free shipping, or hunting for parking to shop in person instead of online. BUT, I would argue that these “barriers” actually help us slow down and make more mindful decisions about what we choose to purchase, so that's actually a plus in my book. But truly, these shops and the brands they support are the heart of our communities. 
I've mentioned several of these previously, but here are a few of the small businesses/local shops I have been/will be supporting with my dollars this holiday season:
It might not be practical or possible to do all of your shopping at small businesses this year, but I encourage you to consider how you can redirect your dollars in a more meaningful way as much as possible. 
Proof to Product, a business coaching group I've taken classes from also put together a nifty gift guide featuring over 300 small businesses, so this is another great resource for you if you'd like to support small businesses across the country! 
I'll be at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery today for the annual Small Business Saturday market from 12 - 5 – note that this year the market is being held at the downtown location instead of West Creek, so make sure you show up at the right spot! :) If you're local to Richmond, I'd love to see you in person today and you'll have the chance to shop lots of other great local makers too! If you're not local or can't make it today, the sale continues online through Monday at 11:59.
Thank you for shopping small and supporting my small business!
xo - Cheryl 
PS - Did I miss a critical local or small business I should know about? Please let me know!
PPS - Other ways you can help support small businesses? Write a review, share/comment on social media, and gift their items to others! We appreciate it all so much!
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